LiitoKala Sii-260 I2 Smart 18650 26650 Battery Charger for Li-ion/Ni-MH/Ni-CD Battery

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Product name:LiitoKala Sii-260 I2 Smart 18650 26650 Battery Charger
Charging Cell Type:NiCd,Ni-MH,Lithium Ion
Charging Cell Qty:2
Input Voltage:DC 12V,AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage:DC 4.2V, 1200A ± 30mA, DC 1.48V 1000mA ± 30mA
Size:13.2 x 6.5 x 3.1 cm(LengthxWidthxHeight)
AC input voltage 110V-240V / 50Hz; DC input voltage:12V 1A;
Li-ion battery charging current:2X (4.2V 500mA), 1X (4.2V 1000mA);
NiMH battery charging current:2X (1.48V 250mA), 1X (1.48V 500mA);
Rechargeable Battery Specifications:18650/26650/16340 / AA / AAA and so on.
Microcomputer control;
With anti-reverse, short circuit protection and overcharge protection and other functions;
Cylindrical lithium rechargeable nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries, such as 18650/26650 / AA / AAA batteries, etc;
Input voltage AC110-240V / 50HZ or input DC12V / 1A;
Intelligent fast charge (charge for a fast charge, charge two to slow charge).
Products for Lithium / Ni-MH battery type design, in order to avoid damage and personal injury, do not use alkaline or rechargeable zinc-carbon batteries;
Do not expose the charger to rain or mist;
Do not use when the charger is damaged or after piercing weapon;
In order to avoid the risk of electric shock when cleaning the charger always disconnect the power cord;
Do not use leaking or corroded battery necrosis charge;
Contact 3.6 needs to be repaired by qualified service personnel, do not disassemble repair;
stop using, please disconnect the power supply;
stop using, please put the charger in a dry cool place;
Storage Environment:-40 ¥ ~ + 70 ¥; use environment:0 ¥ ~ 40 ¥.
Package included
1x LiitoKala Sii-260 I2 Smart 18650 26650 Battery Charger
1x US Plug AC Cable

Weight 0.167 kg


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