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White+Blue LED 500M 3Modes Rechargeable LED Flashlight 18650 Flashlight Flashlight Searching Light Searchlight Lamp

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Name:Flashlight Lamp
Battery:3×18650 battery(Not included)
Operating voltage:4.2V
Button function:Full-Semi-Off
Long press:SOS
Three light design:2 x White LED+1 x Blue LED
Material:Aluminum alloy
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Maximum distance:200-500 meters
Powered by 3×18650 lithium batteries, lasting 2-4 hours.
Three-speed switch, segmented control.
Switch action
Press switch:always on – weak light (repeated switch action can realize different mode switching)
Long press the switch to achieve the strobe function.
Rubber button waterproof and dustproof.
Direct charge mode eliminates the need to disassemble the battery.
Easy to use, the interface is equipped with a waterproof silicone cover.
Scope of application
1. Mining equipment
2. Camping and sleeping
3. Outdoor lighting
4. Suitable for family standing
5. Inspection, search, etc.
Switch instructions
1.The battery is the anode facing inward (the lamp head side) and the cathode facing outward (tail).
2.The switch is at the tail, the switch function is a switch function, and the light switch is a dimming function.
Flashlight instructions
1. When the flashlight is in use, select according to the voltage and battery requirements of the flashlight. Do not use it indiscriminately
to prevent the circuit board from being burnt out. Do not use batteries of different models and voltages at the same time.
2. In use, turn off the flashlight when the brightness of the flashlight changes significantly to prevent the battery from being over-discharged.
3, cooling skills:flashlight in the process of use, to ensure heat. Strongly require the battery to be fully charged, first use the second gear,
which can make the lamp holder and battery of the flashlight extend the life of the product; can not direct the flashlight to the human eye, super bright and glare, so as not to affect vision, especially children.
Package Included
1x Flashlight Lamp
1x Charger

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