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Astrolux MF01 Mini-UVC 7x UVC+UVA UV Face Mask Sterilizer Lamp Disinfection Germicidal Flashlight UV Ultraviolet Mites Removed Air Clean Sterilizer Light

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Name:Astrolux MF01 Mini-UVC Powerful Sterilizer Lamp
Model:MF01 Mini-UVC
Sterilization mode:7x UVC+UVA
UV wavelength:UVC275nm
Bulb power:1.4W
Sterilization power:21mW
Functions:Sterilization, Detection
Drop resistance:1.5m
Size:111mm* 44mm* 34mm
Length x Head Dia. x Body Dia.
UV wavelength
Functions:Surface treatment
Produce ozone
Industrial water preparation:Disinfection
Industrial surface applications:Beauty
Industrial surface applications
Description:This is a product that uses UV LED to sterilize your daily necessities. UV LED can penetrate biological cell membranes and nucleus effectively in only 10 seconds, destroying DNA or RNA, killing various germs, and are mercury-free and ozone-free, which is safer and environmentally friendly. You can use it to sterilize everyday items, such as face mask,computers, mobile phones, cosmetics, keyboard,shaver,fruits, and cups. Safe and convenient, it brings a healthy life.
1. Mini and portable, convenient to use it anywhere and anytime.
2. UV LED sterilizer can kill almost all microorganisms.
3. It ensures 99.9% sterilizing rate.
4. Mercury-free and ozone-free, efficient and environmentally friendly.
5.Constant current boosting driver
6.Lock funtion design,5 click to lock it
7.Timing function,7 click to enter timing function(10 min)
7.Impact resistance is 1m,anti-slip kuring design
8.Waterproof IPx7,High quality Glass and optic
9.Typc-C 5V2A Charing,Red when charing,Red-off done
10.It is compatiable with 18650/21700/26650 batteries
Package included
1 x Astrolux MF01 Mini-UVC Powerful Sterilizer Lamp
1 x Goggle
1 x Lanyard
2 x Spare wterproof o-rings
Please do not point the UV lamp to the skin and eyes of human beings/animals/pets/poultry.
Do not look directly at the bulb and recommended to use the included UV Glasses when utilizing this light.
Keep it out of reach of children, you had better to click 5 times to lock the machine when you don’t use it .
How does it work
Use it within 5 cm from the disinfection object, and the irradiation time is 30 seconds.
(It is known that a 3 mW UVC-LED with an output angle of 60 ∥ can kill 99.99% of the surface E. coli within 10 seconds at a distance of 2 cm.)
Mode and Operations
Operate:IF OFF Now:IF ON Now
Sigle click:turn on to Level1:Level1 – Level2 – Level3…(Cycle mode)
Double click:Level3(Turbo mode):Level3(Turbo mode)
Triple click:Exit timing mode:Exit timing mode
Four click:Display voltage:-
Five click:Machine lock:Machine lock
Six click:Tactical disinfection mode
(Can set disinfection time):Tactical disinfection mode
(Can set disinfection time)
Seven click:Enter timing function:Enter timing function(Automatically close after ten minutes)
1Pc HLY 5000mAh 26650:
1Pc GOLISI High Drain 21700:
Universal Battery Charger:
More about UVC
The wavelength is 200 to 275 nm, which is also called short-wave sterilization ultraviolet light. It has the weakest penetration and cannot penetrate most of the transparent glass and plastic. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit UVC short-wave ultraviolet rays.
Principle of ultraviolet sterilization
Ultraviolet sterilizing is to destroy and change the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure of microorganisms by ultraviolet radiation so that bacteria can die immediately or cannot breed, and achieve the purpose of sterilization. The true effect is UVC ultraviolet rays because C-band ultraviolet rays are easy absorbed by the DNA, RNA, and proteins of the organism.
Ultraviolet sterilization is a pure physical disinfection method. It has the advantages of simple and convenient, broad spectrum and high efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy management, and automation. With the introduction of various new designs of UV lamps, the application range of UV sterilization is constantly expanded.
And more details about UVC, Please click:

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