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30LED Solar Power infrared Sensor Light Outdoor Security Garden Lamp Waterproof

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30LED solar light solar induction control LED light garden corridor spotlight outdoor waterproof IP65 lamp landscape wall lamp for garden decoration
1. Good quality:using high-quality ABS material, durable, can be used outdoors for a long time.
2. Passive infrared sensor:The sensitive passive infrared sensor can detect the movement of people within the range of 2 to 5 meters, and automatically control the light on and off.
3. IP65 waterproof:sunlight and IP65 waterproof material made of ABS. It can work in various types of weather, such as Rain Snow ang fog.
4. Working for a long time:if the battery is fully charged for more than 8 hours under direct sunlight, it will remain lit for more than 8 hours
5. Powered by solar energy:The solar panel is located on the top of the lamp. It will automatically store power during the day. Please install the product in direct sunlight. The sunlight on this street is wireless. You can install it on the wall
6. Super bright:MUch is brighter than other bulbs. EacH solar illuminator h is like a first-class bright shielding, white LED lighting without flicker and radiation. Installing glass on the tree is easy.
-Input voltage:3.7 V
-Total power:2 W
-Lamp type:LED
-Light source:sunlight
-LED quantity:30LED
-Light color:white
-Charging time:8 hours
-Working time:more than 8 hours
-Control mode:light / passive infrared
-Highlight retention time:20-25 s
-Induction angle:120 ∥
-Induction distance:2-5m
-Range from ground:100 degrees
-Protection level:IP65
-Material:ABS plastic
-Product color:black
-Packing size:148 * 90 * 85
1 * lamp
1 * Switch pin
2 * KA3.5 * 28mm screw
2 * 6.0 * 30mm screw
Please make sure that the sunlight is set at a height of 3 meters, and that the solar panel can absorb the sunlight.
Turn on the switch before use.
Q & A
Question:Why can’t sunlight work
Answer:Please check the following items.
1. Confirm whether it is included.
2. This is a light sensor, it can not work in the daytime, only in the dark.
3. Confirm whether it can be used continuously for a long time without charging, please charge in time before re-use.
4. Make sure people move within the alarm range.
5. Confirm that the sunlight sensor is within the sensitivity range.
6. Confirm that the installation direction is correct (the solar panel should be facing upward).7. Make sure that nothing is blocking it, and that the solar panel can receive sunlight.

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