Electric Physical Mosquito Killer Lamp Outdoor/indoor Fly Bug insect Zapper Trap

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Power input:DC5V/1A
Input interface:Micro-USB
Rated power:2.5W
Charging time:4 hours
Grid voltage:1.5KV
Use time:4-7 hours
Battery capacity:2000MAH
Use environment:Indoor or outdoor places without rain
1. Turn off other light sources in the room, close doors and windows, and use the mosquito killer in a dark and enclosed environment to improve the mosquito killer effect. Do not put the mosquito killer on the air outlet of the air conditioner or blow it against the fan, so as not to affect the mosquito killer effect
2. Human body temperature and smell can attract mosquitoes better, so the effect of killing mosquitoes in an unmanned environment is better. It is recommended to kill mosquitoes more than 2 hours before going to bed when used in horizontal mode;
3. Turning on the fan of the mosquito killer lamp can improve the mosquito killer effect, but at the same time the power consumption will increase and the battery life will be shortened;
4. Mosquitoes sucked in by the fan may not die in a short time. Turning off the fan or opening the bottom cover too early will allow the mosquitoes inside to escape. It is recommended that after the fan has been running for a long time, turn off the fan and power when it is taken outdoors. The captured mosquitoes are cleaned up.
5. The ‘popping’ sound and sparks made when the power grid strikes mosquitoes are normal.
Instructions for use
1. Toggle the on/off button on the top of the product to turn on or off the power. After the power is turned on, the purple light will be on, and the high voltage output of the grid will enter the working state at the same time;
2. Press the button in the middle of the top to turn the fan on or off;
3. The handle on the top of the mosquito killer can be used to lift or hang the mosquito killer;
4. When the power is turned off, you can use the cleaning brush to clean the mosquitoes on the power grid, rotate the base of the mosquito killer to take out the bottom cover, and then use the cleaning brush to clean the mosquitoes inside;
5. Plug the USB cable into the USB port, use 5V/1A power to charge the mosquito killer, the red light will be on when charging, and the green light will be on when fully charged, you can use it while charging, or use a mobile power supply to charge the product
6. Please turn off the power if do not use.
1. After the power is turned on, the mosquito killer’s power grid has high-voltage electricity. Do not touch the high-voltage power grid with your hands or conductive objects to avoid electric shock;
2. Please put the mosquito killer in a place where children can’t touch it to avoid electric shock caused by children’s touch;
3. Please use it in a dry indoor environment, avoid dampness or rain;
4. Please unplug the USB cable after fully charged, so as not to affect the battery life due to long-term charging;
5. If the product fails, please don’t disassemble it for maintenance, so as to avoid electric shock, please find a professional for maintenance.
Package Includes
1 x Mosquito Killer
1 x USB Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Manual
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