3X Strip Cabinet Lights Cabinet Lights 30 LED Rechargeable Cabinet Lights

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1. A wide range of applications, suitable for cabinets, bookcases, corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets, etc.
2. Sufficient brightness:3pack of 30 pure white LEDs, maximum 500LM, can comfortably illuminate dark spaces.
3. Easy to install:The built-in strong magnetic magnetic strip can be easily attached to the iron sheet or other metal. It is very easy to install and remove.
4. Dual mode switching:There are 2 sensor modes, 1. Motion sensing mode-it can detect human movement in the dark. It turns on automatically within 10 feet (3m), and turns off automatically after no motion is detected for about 30 seconds. 2. Constant light mode-the light will stay on until the customer manually turns it off.
5. Infinite dimming, customers can long press the function key to adjust to the brightness they like or need
6. High battery life, 4 hours (4H) with 100% brightness and 6 hours (6H) with 50% brightness. The induction mode can be used for 10-12 hours (10-12h), which is better than other products on the market. .
7. Charging reminder function:the red indicator light is on during the charging, and the full charge turns into a blue indicator light, which is a more informative charging indicator. Generally, it can be fully charged in 2 hours.
8. The USB charging cable is a one-to-three charging design, which can charge 3 lights at the same time, and the USB length is 0.8M
Shell material ABS plastic
Sensing angle:120∥
Maximum lumens:500LM
Color temperature:6000K
Lamp bead model:SMD 2835
Number of lamp beads:30
Shell material:ABS + PC
Power supply:Micro USB
Battery capacity:lithium battery 550mAh (virtual standard 1000mAH)
Control method:button control
Sensing mode:1. Long bright 2. Motion sensing + light sensing
Charging time:2H2.5H
Battery life:4 hours with 100% brightness (4H) for long time, 6 hours with 50% brightness for long time (6H)
Charging reminder function:the red indicator light is on during charging, and it turns into a blue indicator light when fully charged
Color box size 19*4.5*5.6, the whole set weight 300G
Carton gauge:size 57*20*22.4 weight:14.4KG, quantity:48 boxes
1. The product is not waterproof, please do not use it in humid or rainy environment
2. Please charge the lamp body in time if the light is dim
3. Do not install the product in strong light illumination or hot and cold gas entry and exit locations, so as not to affect the sensitivity of induction
4. When the light body is weak, please remove and charge to avoid affecting the induction
How to use
1. Remove the adhesive on the iron sheet and paste the iron sheet on the desired installation position. The lamp body is fixed with magnetic force.
2. Turn on key:press the first red light indicator for 5 seconds to enter the induction mode, press the second blue light indicator for 5 seconds to enter the long light mode, press the third time to turn off.
3. Induction mode:motion sensing + brightness sensing, in the dark environment without motion interference, the product will automatically go out after 30 seconds of light; in the case of motion interference, the product will automatically go out after 30 seconds of re-lighting
4. Function key:Press the first time to 50% brightness, press the second time to 75% brightness, and press the third bottom 100% brightness.
5. Long press the function key to enter the stepless dimming to adjust the brightness of the product.
Package included
Lithium battery cabinet light *3
0.8M USB cable *1
Install the iron sheet (with adhesive) *3
Manual in 5 languages *1
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